Command Line ClientΒΆ

Usage: tado [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  This script provides a command line client for the Tado API.

  You can use the environment variables TADO_USERNAME and TADO_PASSWORD
  instead of the command line options.

  Call 'tado COMMAND --help' to see available options for subcommands.

  -u, --username TEXT       Tado username  [required]
  -p, --password TEXT       Tado password  [required]
  -c, --client-secret TEXT  Tado password  [optional]
  -h, --help                Show this message and exit.

  capabilities        Display the capabilities of a zone.
  devices             Display all devices.
  early_start         Display or change the early start feature of a zone.
  end_manual_control  End manual control of a zone.
  home                Display information about your home.
  mobile              Display all mobile devices.
  set_temperature     Set the desired temperature of a zone.
  users               Display all users of your home.
  whoami              Tell me who the Tado API thinks I am.
  zone                Get the current state of a zone.
  zones               Get configuration information about all zones.