Frequently Asked Questions

How to retrieve the client secret

Option #1: Do nothing

The library wil automatically retrieve the client secret on following the steps at Options #2.

Option #2: From the application `env.js`

Retrieve the CLIENT_SECRET before running the script otherwise you will get a 401 Unauthorized Access. The latest CLIENT_SECRET can be found at []( It will look something like this:

Option #3: From the developer mode

An alternative way to get your CLIENT_SECRET is to enable the Developper Mode when logging in and catch the Headers. You will find the form data like this :

client_id: tado-web-app
client_secret: fndskjnjzkefjNFRNkfKJRNFKRENkjnrek
grant_type: password
password: MyBeautifulPassword
scope: home.user

Then you just have to get the value in the attribute client_secret. You will need it to connect to your account through Tado APIs. The client_secret never dies so you can base your script on it.